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Best New Feature On The PS5 for Parents

PS5 and Dual Sense Controller
PS5 and Dual Sense Controller

The PS5 back in September had a major update to its system software. Many features were added, including support for Dolby Atmos HDMI devices like soundbars, TVs or home theatre systems. The PS5 will use its existing 3D audio to pass the Dolby Atmos to Atmos speakers.

They added PS remote play on additional Android devices, including smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), PCs and Macs – over the internet or through your home network.

I've been using the remote play feature when I'm on the road for work in a different country, and it has worked flawlessly. I used to bring my PS5 on the road with me, but now I only need an iPad and a Dual Sense controller.

They have added many other features in the new system update, but my favourite by far is being able to use a second controller for assistance. This feature will be under accessibility in your PS5 system settings.

It allows you to have two controllers assigned to player 1. As a gaming dad, this is the best new feature with this update. It allows me to play with my daughter on any game, even if there is no two-player option. We can play single-player games together, like Spider-Man Remastered, and I'm able to take over when she is stuck or in a heavy combat section and she needs some help.

My daughter loves swinging around New York as Spider-Man or Miles Morales, but when she runs into a large number of enemies, she can get frustrated. I can now take over and help her out so she can continue to play. As a parent, this allows me to spend more time with my daughter.

Our kids like to spend time with us, and we like to spend time with them, so this is the perfect feature to enjoy gaming together regardless of the type of game.

In order to enable this new feature, you will have to update your system software and follow these steps.

Go to your home screen and select Settings > Accessibility

Settings for the PS5
PS5 Settings Screen

Select Controllers > Use Second Controller for Assistance

PS5 Accessibility menu
PS5 Accessibility menu

Turn on Use Assist Controller

Use Second Controller for Assistance on PS5
Use Second Controller for Assistance on PS5


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