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College Football 25 Editions Revealed

For the first time in over 10 years, a new college football game from EA is hitting the turf and the sports giant has released some information on the new game. This game will be available on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 only. There is no PC version.

There will be three editions of College Football 25:

Standard, Deluxe and the MVP Bundle.

CFB25 editions
College Football 25's editions

This image confirms my fears: Ultimate Team will be present in College Football 25. While this isn't surprising, I was holding out hope that College Football 25 would deviate from EA's overly monetized mode and give us a franchise rich experience - something that is lacking in the console versions of Madden 24. I say the console version because the Madden 24 PC version has a much better, modded experience.

However, as you can see here, all of the pre-order bonuses are dripping with Ultimate Team "goodies". All editions will come with the game, an Alma Mater Ultimate Team pack, a Cover Athlete Ultimate Team pack and a Bring Glory Home Ultimate Team Uniform Item. The Deluxe Edition will give you 4,600 College Football points (their premium currency) and access to the game 3 days early. The MVP Bundle gives you everything mentioned above and includes Madden 25's Deluxe Edition, 3 day early access to Madden 25 and 4,600 Madden points.

If you're into Ultimate Team, I guess this is the pre-order for you. As someone who is burnt out on Ultimate Team garbage in all sports game, this is very disappointing and only proves that EA is after one thing...your wallet.

Tomorrow there will be more information about College Football 25 and we'll have it here!


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