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Could Helldiver 2's Success Start Dual Releases For Sony?

helldivers 2 title screen
Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC

Helldivers 2 has officially released on both the PS5 and on PC through Steam. While this isn't a remarkable endeavor, it is notable that a Sony studio has simultaneously released a first party back day-and-date on PC.

The reception on the Steam side of things has been great too. Currently, Helldivers 2 is trending as the top selling game and has a current player count of 64,183 people. That is a very good number when you take in to account that it is 11:30am on the east coast.

More importantly, this could be the first step in Playstation starting to dual release a lot of their games to Steam. Currently, games like Horizon or God of War are released to PC years after their release to console.

As a fan of the first Helldivers game, I can only hope the player count continues to surge into space and beyond. This franchise deserves all the flowers people want to lay before it. As a primarily PC gamer, having Sony take a more dual release approach to their titles would be sensational. We've already witnessed the progress that Microsoft has made. A great number of first party titles are release day-and-date on both Xbox and PC thanks to Game Pass.

Being able to pre-load some massive Sony AAA title like Ghost of Tsushima 2 on my PC whilst my buddies are doing the same on their PS5? Well, that seems like an absolute win all around.


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