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Cult of the Lamb's First Major Content Drop Announced

It would be a Sin to miss this one!
cult of the lamb sins of the flesh image

Massive Monster, the developer behind the excellent Cult of the Lamb, has announced the first major content drop called Sins of the Flesh. This FREE updates comes January 16th. Per Massive Monster on their discord:

In its biggest and most wicked content update yet, the Cult’s tendrils extend even further with a blasphemous beneficence of quests, features, improvements and a deliciously evil new resource that rewards those leaders prepared to yield to the Sins of the Flesh

Before the Christmas holiday, Massive Monster was also releasing some new features in this update. The first is, well, naked followers in a nudist ritual! Yeah, your followers are naked with leaves covering their bits!

Secondly, the Lamb now has a gun! In a short video posted to the Discord, the Lamb is now blasting fools away with a three round shotgun.

Lastly, the team at Massive Monster shared a new drinkhouse is coming with the update.

The Sins of the Flesh trailer also has some nice tidbits:

  • New follower forms

  • New Rituals

  • New dialogue

  • Maybe even birthing children?

  • Cult members fighting with one another

And it "hatches" on January 16th for PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Playstation consoles.


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