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Danganronpa Creator’s F2P Extreme Baseball RPG “TRIBE NINE” Revealed

"TRIBE NINE" is an Extreme Action RPG created by the team behind the hit series "Danganronpa" in collaboration with Akatsuki Games. This title will allow you to explore the world where groups of teens will endure multiple losses, devising strategies to overcome formidable opponents, all within a futuristic Tokyo dominated by deadly games. Creators of the “Danganronpa” series created the original worldview for the game. You can dive into a crazy adventure of unique groups of teens in a meticulously crafted world with the fusion of a rich 3D and nostalgic 2D. Free to play on PC and mobile.

It’s the year 20XX, and warring teenage tribes roam the futuristic nation of Neo Tokyo. Recruit an unstoppable baseball team with extensive party customization options, and strike out the competition in high-octane baseball battles to earn both gear and character upgrades. Encounter formidable bosses and unravel a mystery-filled drama filled with peculiar players. 

This looks like a super cool game, built around baseball at its core, but also with classic JRPG Elements. The signature art style, much like Danganronpa, is beautiful while mixed with a more standard RPG style during parts of the game. As a fan of both sports and JRPG genres, I love the idea of a title which blends both and has a unique theme of baseball throughout - seen in the trailer from costumes, enemy designs, weapons, etc.

A closed beta test for the Steam version is scheduled for August 2024. Interested players can apply through their official website.


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