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Firefight: King of the Hill Takes Over Halo Infinite with Mid-Season Update


Halo Infinite launched its mid-season update today and added Firefight: King of the Hill. King of the Hill is a twist on co-op wave survival mode, making you fight hordes of enemies who get stronger after each wave.

Halo Infinite is way more fun to play with a fire team, so I would call your buddies to take on the Banished in Firefight: King of the Hill.

There are nine maps featured in the Firefight: King of the Hill mode, and they are:

  • House of Reckoning

  • Behemoth

  • Deadlock

  • Launch Site

  • Live Fire

  • Oasis

  • Exiled (by Epetr0, SandoChokUN)

  • Kusini Bay (by Mr Kwatz)

  • Vallaheim (by HaiseOz)


The Repair Field is a new edition to this update, which will allow you to heal your allies, enemies, and even vehicles. Try not to heal your enemies, though, because I don't think that will help you win the fight.

Below are the patch notes that include the Forge AI Toolkit, including the addition of High-Value Targets and Major Bosses, the ability to join Custom Game Browser matches as a Fireteam, Ranked improvements, and more.


  • High Value Targets and bosses from Halo Infinite's campaign added to Forge AI Toolkit.

  • Skull modifiers were added to the node graph.

  • Quality of life updates (global material allow list, scalable blockers, auto turret allegiance options, and more).


  • Audio from the Extraction device is no longer global, it is emitted from the device itself, which means you'll need to be in its vicinity to hear whether it's being converted.

  • UI will no longer show the Extraction device actively being converted.

  • Once you rank up a tier, you will get three games, win or lose, before a loss will rank you down to the previous tier. Additionally, if a player in the match (who is not on your fire team) quits, you will not lose CSR if you decide to quit as well.


  • As long as enough slots are open, the Fireteam leader can bring their entire party into a CGB session.

  • Issues blocking players from joining CGB sessions and unclear messaging have been resolved.


  • A new networking system has been implemented into Halo Infinite that will be tested in the Firefight: King of the Hill playlist (as PvE is a safer environment for us to test this overhauled system at scale) and will later be tested further in the Combat Workshop.

Firefight: King of the Hill is available today for free, so what are you waiting for, Spartan? Squad up and go kick some Banished butt today.


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