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Foamstars Set to Launch on PlayStation Plus Next Month


Annouced on X and the PlayStation.Blog FoamStars will be launching in February, on PlayStation day and date. The launch date will be February 6th, and we can all have a foam party together.

This will be the first in many live service games from Sony coming to PlayStation 5 this year. Having this on PlayStation Plus will be the best chance for FoamStars to get an audience, as it will be available to everyone on the service. This will instantly give the game a player base to try it, and you never know; we all might like it.

Foamstars is a brand-new 4v4 shooting game where players can enjoy a combination of a party-like atmosphere where mysterious foam builds up around you and the intense moments during battle.

PlayStation has developed Foamstars to create a game that everyone hopefully can enjoy. Whether you’re a player who wants to play tactically and test your skills to achieve victory or a player who wants just casually to party with friends, you will find something to enjoy in Foamstars. Try it out during its inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games.

Let us know in the comments if your excited about Foamstars or because it's on PS Plus are you going to at least try it?


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