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Go Undercover with the Bahnsen Knights!

Visual novels are alive and well with this pulp fiction take on an undercover cop drama. Bahnsen Knights is developed by LCB Game Studio and published by Chorus Worldwide and puts you right in the shoes of Boulder, a quiet but formidable presence, who is wrapped up in a religious cult led by a former car salesman Toni, who believes that doom comes from above.  With his fleet of 1983 Ford Sierras, the Bahnsen Knights perform “route exorcisms” while a string of biblical storms rip across the country. You are a driver who is revealed to be gathering evidence on this cult, the members, purpose, and crimes, which you leave on gravestones for your handler. As you dive deeper, its not just a visual novel but a choose your own adventure story where you can choose to dig deeper into the world, or move forward with the main story, but you may miss evidence and the option to learn more about these other characters.

I loved the ability to choose your own adventure, and actually failed/died in the first few minutes. There are dialogue options with branching paths, timing based mini games where you avoid road hazards, and quick time reactions (which caught me off guard the first time) which I really liked. Visual Novels are definitely a slower pace style of game, focused more on world building and character development, so the variety and quick response options keep you engaged. My first quick time I failed was stopping my car when Boulder wasn't paying attention, and I ended up hitting a fellow cult driver. Next, the group was stabbing me until I died and had to restart. Don't worry - the restarts go to the beginning of the event, not the full chapter, but, in true visual novel fashion, save early and often, just in case you may need to go back to a certain point, or if you are completionist.

The visuals are great and fit this style of game and theme perfectly, while still using their signature pixel style. The dark reds and oranges are blended in a way that convey the rural environment, mixed with the pulp novel style. They convey emotion in the characters that are reminiscent of retro cutscenes, but also add an eeriness as well. I thought it also gave just enough detail to show what they wanted you to see, and kept hidden that which someone in a driver's position may not be privy to.

This game is very much an adults only game due to the nature of the themes and the high level of reading. You can enjoy Bahnsen Knights on steam (now) or console (this week) - and make sure you trust the right people, and watch your back!


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