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Huge Update Coming to Stellar Blade

stellar Blade

In a PlayStation Blog post, Shift Up ahead of Stellar Blade's release, New Game Plus, new skills, harder difficulties, and so much more are now at launch. We loved our time with Stellar Blade during the review process, and these added modes and skills will make us want to jump back in.

Along with New Game Plus and skills, you will see level expansions for gear, 34 new outfits for Eve and your companions, and new enemy placements. We hope everyone can enjoy their time with Stellar Blade even more with these editions because they are excellent.

Expanded wardrobe

In our upcoming New Game Plus, you can acquire new costumes and accessories for Eve and additional costumes for Adam, Lily, and the Drone.

You can try re-opening the chests where you previously got your costumes or revisit the shops that sell them. You may also want to replay quests to earn costumes you missed on your first playthrough.

Eve can earn a whopping 34 new outfits in New Game Plus, including five accessories and two cosmetics each for Adam, Lily, and the Drone.

I'm particularly fond of the Crew Style outfit.

The Crew Style is only available in the New Game Plus chest, so look for it.

Level expansions for Eve's Gear

Level expansion for Weapon, Body Core, Beta Core and Tumbler:

  • Weapon – 15 -> 40

  • Body – 6 -> 9

  • Beta – 6 -> 9

  • Tumbler – 5 -> 13

  • The remaining cores could be sold atSP0-tt2r'ss shop to acquire Vitcoin, which could be used to purchase new costume items.

Players who have seen the game's ending can challenge themselves to harder difficulties. Eve will also need to get stronger to fight more formidable enemies.

In New Game Plus, in addition to continuing your progression, you can collect Cores to power Eve's weapons, HP, and Beta Energy even more than in the base game.

You can also further enhance your Tumbler, increasing the amount of HP it heals at once.

You can also upgrade your Drone to increase the power of your ranged attacks.

After you have completed all of your upgrades, you can sell the Core items you earn to SP0-tt2r to purchase new costumes.


New skills

In New Game Plus, you'll earn infinite skills that enhance existing beta skills.

  • Four new Beta skill moves

  • Eight new skills to enhance Beta/Burst skills

  • Five new Drone skills

Not only can beta skills be enhanced, but burst skills can be enhanced as well, so defeat the enemies and earn SP (Skill Points) to unlock them all.


Other New Game Plus changes

These Mk2 enhancements to existing gear will allow players to personalize their approach to the game.

Why not boost your attack speed to corner your enemies with attacks or convert the damage you take into Beta Energy and send it back at them?

You can also enhance your shield penetration to ignore enemy shields.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by stronger enemies, we recommend collecting and combining Mk2 gear.

Also, in keeping with wEve'sve’s evolution, enemies on more complex difficulties are stronger.

Enemies may also be repositioned in New Game Plus, so keep your guard up!


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