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Insomniac Games' Response to the Recent Ransomware Attack: What We Know So Far


Earlier this week, Insomniac Games was hit with a ransomware attack and did not pay them. Because of this criminal cyberattack, personal information from the developers, including information about their games and plans, was leaked.

We're not going to reveal any of the information that was leaked, as the data was obtained criminally, and we don't want to share that information. This has tarnished all the hard work from Insomniac, but they're being resilient through it like "Logan," as they mentioned in their statement below.

The support from the gaming community surrounding this attack has been heartwarming, but many outlets in the industry have still been sharing the information for clicks. I wonder if those outlets had their data illegally obtained and how they would feel if it was shared with the public.

It's one thing to discuss rumours and speculate, but blatantly sharing illegally obtained information shouldn't be a thing. Some of the loudest voices have been the console warriors trying to ruin something for the players waiting to play these games in the future. These are people's livelihoods, and they're playing with it for clicks and impressions. It saddens me, and I wish this weren't a thing.

I can't wait to play Marvel's Wolverine from Insomniac and see it when they're ready to show it.


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