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Is Sony Finally Targeting Day 1 Releases On PC?

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Will Sony release games day-and-date with PC and PS5?

It seems like a no brainer that Sony would start releasing their games on PC day-and-date with the Playstation 5. The PC market is thirsty for Sony first party titles like God of War, Horizon and The Last of Us and have purchased games years after their initial release.

Despite the success of Spiderman Remastered (all time peak on Steam of 66,093 players), Horizon Zero Dawn (49,582 all time peak) and God of War (73,529 peak), Sony has always made Steam users wait a minimum of two years before their titles hit PC platforms.

It seems that Sony is finally having an epiphany thanks to SPREADING DEMOCRACY with Helldivers 2. Helldivers 2 was released on February 8th and found immediate success on Steam. The game surpassed God of War as Sony's highest first party peak number of players and it continued to rise, topping off at 203,644 players yesterday. This game continues to rise in popularity thanks to a good release window and, even more so, being a fantastic squad game to play with your friends. You can read our full review on Helldivers 2 here!

Sony had an investor Q&A yesterday and here is Sony President Hiroki Totoki talking about multiplatform releases:

Playstation only fans may be upset, but this makes a ton of sense for a company that has lacked in their PC offerings. With Helldivers 2 exploding at the moment and their major IPs doing reasonably well years after their console release, Sony now has the chance to make a major impact in the PC market.


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