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Is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Still in Development?


Jeff Grubb, on the November 17th episode of the Giant Bomb podcast, stated that he could "100% confirm that the KOTOR remake had been put on ice after". This sent the internet into a frenzy as news surrounding Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic had been getting worse since the announcement that Embracer group was working on the remake and having Aspyr at the helm.

Embracer group has removed the announcement trailer from YouTube and moved the project to Saber Interactive during the summer. This game was supposed to be a time exclusive and, at the time of the announcement, a huge get for Sony.

So when Jeff Grubb said it was dead in the water, we all took that as gospel because Jeff Grubb is rarely wrong. I also want to add I believe him when he says this is what his source told him.

Enter Jason Schreier into the picture when, late last night, he posted the below on X.

So, as stated in the post, this doesn't mean we're ever going to see the remake, but Saber Interactive does have two people working on the game.

I do not have any new hope that we will see this game anytime soon, or ever, for that matter. Let me know in the comments if you think we will ever see the Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic remake.


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