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"Little Problems" - A Cozy Detective Game for the Heart and Mind

little problesm

Playstack and solo developer Posh Cat are proud to introduce "Little Problems," a game that celebrates the subtler, more relatable side of detective work in a refreshing departure from the typical narrative of grandiose conflicts and complex villainy.

This charming title, inspired by the acclaimed "The Case of the Golden Idol," is set to challenge players to solve mysteries around minor inconveniences, everyday misunderstandings, and little problems.


This looks like a cozy game, which will be a nice brain break from everyday life. I love these types of games that are also easy to play between sessions. The aesthetic looks like it would already appeal to both parents and kids and while there may be a bit of reading, this could be a great game to play with your kids if you read aloud to them. Depending on how tough the puzzles are, I may invite my daughter to play, too, and I can use this as time to read with her!

Little Problems is set to release later this year, and you can wish list and learn more about the game on their Steam page now!



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