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MLB The Show 24: Are the New Content Updates Meeting Community Expectations?

MLB The Show 24

Today, MLB The Show 24 added new content, which is excellent, but the community is worried that how the content is coming might make the game pay to win.

One of my favourite modes in MLB The Show 24 is Storylines, and they have added new content to it today. This year, MLB The Show 24 added the Nergo League Season 2 and the Derek Jeter Storlines at launch with a promise to add new content during the year. Well, today is the day as we got three new legends added to Negro League Season 2. Available today, play your way through the careers of Larry Doby, Leon Day, and José Méndez.

Storylines are the one area I have zero complaints about as a player of MLB The Show 24, and I can't wait to learn about the new legends added to the game.

Let's talk about the new content added this week to Diamond Dynasty. I will share what has been added and then explain how it differs from previous years.

seasons Awards

Instead of the Topps Now program, we have the Season Awards program, which is having its second drop this week with some new cards. You can earn these cards by completing the programs and then collecting those cards to earn yourself a show pack.

In the blog post, San Diego Studios said, "One thing we want to emphasize is that Season Awards lead to incredible rewards – the Lightning players! These can only be earned by collecting players you earn from completing Season Awards Programs. That means all you have to do is play through Moments and Missions. In the weeks ahead, Drops 4 and 8 (scheduled April 19 and May 17) will debut the first Lightning players, which can be found under the Special Collections area (near the Babe Ruth Live Series Collection). Any players that appear in packs are not included in this Collection to finish the Season Awards programs.

Enjoy today's Season Awards drop, play your Moments and Missions, and then lock in Season Awards Garrett Crochet and Michael Conforto into the big collection thCollectionad to the Lightning players. With Crochet and Conforto, you will be halfway to your first lightning player!"

Reading this makes me think you collect all of these players to earn a lightning player, but as of right now, it only shows that collecting them earns you a Jumbo Show pack.


seasons drop

Seasons Awards Drop 2 Program features players from the Topps Now Series and Season Awards Series. Step up to the plate as Milwaukee Brewers top-prospect Jackson Chourio as he made his MLB debut, or take the mound as the Pittsburgh Pirates newest ace Jared Jones when he racked up 10 strikeouts in 5.2 innings in his MLB debut. Relive these Moments and more in the Season Awards Drop 2 Program.



Season Awards Pack – Drop 2 features Season Awards Series and Topps Now Series player items. It is available today in the Show Shop for 30,000 Stubs and is limited to 5 packs per player. Find one of these players in your pack:

  • Victor Scott II, CF St. Louis Cardinals (89 OVR)

  • Christian Encarnacion-Strand, 1B Cincinnati Reds (89 OVR)

  • Ryan Borucki, RP Pittsburgh Pirates (89 OVR)

  • Oswaldo Cabrera, 3B New York Yankees (92 OVR)

  • Brady Singer, SP Kansas City Royals (92 OVR)



The all-new Pipeline Series features some of the MLB's top prospects for the 2024 season. Look at the Pipeline Series players in Pipeline Pack 1 and Headliners Choice Pack 7. Be sure to watch for even more Pipeline Series player items headed your way in MLB The Show 24.


MLB Pipeline Pack 1 lets you choose 1 Diamond player item from one of two tiers: Rare (92 OVR) and Base (89 OVR). Find the MLB Pipeline Pack 1 in the Show Shop today for 40,000 Stubs with a 3 packs per player limit.

Rare Round:

Roderick Arias, SS New York Yankees (92 OVR)

Jordan Beck, CF Colorado Rockies (92 OVR)

Nick Frasso, SP Los Angeles Dodgers (92 OVR)

Base Round:

Ryan Clifford, RF New York Mets (89 OVR)

Brayan Rocchio, SS Cleveland Guardians (89 OVR)

Blake Mitchell, C Kansas City Royals (89 OVR)

Carson Whisenhunt, SP San Francisco Giants (89 OVR)

Chase Petty, SP Cincinnati Reds (89 OVR)



Headliners Choice Pack 7 features the Chicago Cubs first-round draft pick in Pipeline Series, Matt Shaw. Available today in the Show Shop, Headliners Choice Pack 7 costs 35,000 Stubs and is limited to 3 packs per player.



If you missed finding any of the Hidden Eggs in the Egg Hunt Program, not to worry, there's a new goal in the Egg Hunt Conquest Map that lets you earn 15 Jelly Bean vouchers that can be redeemed in Exchange Items.



Earn official gear like bats, balls, and jerseys authentically signed by some of your favourite players by taking on Challenge of the Week, available in Quick Play. This week's Challenge of the Week Rewards are Stubs!


Included alongside today's content update are Opening Week Roster Transactions intended to align your MLB The Show 24 rosters with the current MLB rosters. That means new MLB players as well as over 100 new MiLB players. We've listed some of the notable additions and updates below:

International Star Rookies Added

Shota Imanaga

Jung Hoo Lee

MLB Top 100 Prospects Added

Marcelo Mayer

Roderick Arias

Blake Mitchell

Josue De Paula

Other MLB Players Added

Miguel Sano

Burch Smith

Joe Ross

Other Updates

Face appearances for hundreds of players, including Wyatt Langford, Jarred Jones, Ben Brown and Dylan Crews

Updated gear for hundreds of players to reflect Opening Week, also includes Bruce Bolt gear equipped on over 200 plus sponsored players.

MiLB player potentials updated to reflect current Top Prospects

Roster Updates focusing on Transactions will occur weekly, while Roster Updates focusing on Attributes will occur every 3 weeks throughout the season, with the First Attributes Update of the season currently scheduled for Friday, April 26th.

Now, let's talk about what has the community upset about the content rollout for MLB The Show 24. So far this season, the content has been broken down into programs and packs. In years past, any packs they introduced to the Show Shop would be available to get at least once in a program or a conquest map. So far this year, the best cards related to the programs are only available in packs. You can still earn some good cards in the programs they have rolled out, but the higher overall cards are only available in packs.

You can earn stubs to buy these packs by playing the game, but with the new progression system in the programs and only regular Show Packs in the Conquests, Mini Seasons, and Other Programs, players don't have the chance to sell higher cards to earn those stubs.

What is happening this year feels like a slippery slope when in years past, MLB The Show could be looked upon as the sports game that doesn't try to nickel and dime you like EA and 2K sports games do. The community has been consistently loud with their displeasure in the new rolls out this year, and hopefully, change happens to fix this because it's great to get new cards, but if I'm forced to buy them all the time, it ruins the enjoyment of the game.

I don't play PVP very often, but I enjoy the gameplay and the card-collecting aspect. I may put more money into it occasionally, but this year, not so much because I don't feel they have earned my money because of these new practices. I'm not going to pretend to know how they designed the game to earn money or deadlines they need to hit, but I genuinely hope San Diego Studios starts listing to the community before it's too late and people lose interest in the game.

I'm going to be covering MLB The Show 24 all year, and I hope it has a redemption arc because it's slowly turning into the sports game most in the community don't like playing.


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