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MLB The Show 24 Is Your Ticket To History

Negro League

The MLB The Show 24 team gave us another update today, live on their Twitch channel. Sony San Diego Studio is bringing back Storylines in a big way this year. We knew they partnered again with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, but we didn't know what players or changes, if any, were coming to the mode this year.

It was my favourite mode in MLB The Show 23 as it brought something to a sports game that no other developer had ever done before. Many developers have tried to get a story-type mode to the game, but none have taken the time to put such a production value behind it as they did last year with MLB The Show 23. It was a home run with Bob Kendrick narrating it and a production value that rivals ESPN 30 for 30.

They announced today that all of the legends in the Negro League storylines will be back with some fantastic editions. The legends they announced today were Josh Gibson, Henry Aaron, Buck Leonard, and the first female athlete in MLB The Show, Toni Stone.

The team at Sony San Diego Studio listened to the feedback and promised that the challenges won't be as complex this year, and if you still find them hard, you can skip them to move on to the next challenge to learn more history. Allow players to unlock these legends a lot easier to play with them in the game and learn their stories.

They mentioned more changes are coming to the storylines but didn't want to give any more away as they said it would spoil the changes this season.

MLB The Show 24 will be available on March 19th, 2024, on PS4, PS5, Xbox X|S, and Nintendo Switch.


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