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Three Scary Games You Need To Play This October

Scary The Mortuary Assistant picture
The Mortuary Assistant on Steam is one of the scariest games I've ever played

October is here which means it is time to talk about three scary games that you should be playing. I am not a scary games player. I routine scream and shriek and get incredibly spooked when playing these types of games. It is why I truly believe that I am a perfect candidate to write this list. If I got terrified and made it to the end of the game, you know it is a pretty fun game.

Today, I wanted to give you my five favorite scary games!

  1. The Mortuary Assistant

a man with needles in his mouth
Nothing out of the ordinary here when you're a mortuary assistant!

The Mortuary Assistant, published by DarkStone Digital, is available for PC and Nintendo Switch. It is my top scary games that you should be playing this October. You control Rebecca, a mortuary assistant who is training under her boss. You'll start the game by learning how to embalm a body and doing those tasks like removing teeth, sewing up the mouth and removing blood from the body.

After awhile, you begin to uncover a demonic story where the main big bad is trying to possess you. This game is reminiscent of a good horror movie. The scares are a slow burn at first with creatures popping up quickly without making noise or lingering in a window until you turn around and it is gone. It makes you question the things you're seeing.

Eventually, it is up to you to figure out how and when the demon is coming and if you can get rid of it quickly. What I really enjoyed about the game is there are multiple endings and the story is procedurally generated.

2. Alien Isolation

Alien's xenomorph is chasing you
You can run, but you can't hide from this killing machine

Creative Assembly has created the quintessential Alien game in Alien Isolation that is available on a plethora of game consoles.

You play as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Alien's titular character, as she searches for her mother in a run down space station full of horrors. It gets worse for Amanda when the Xenomorph enters the picture and begins to endlessly hunt you down.

What makes Alien Isolation so good is the xenomorph AI so fined tune that you need to be on top of your game at all times. Whether you're hiding under a table, in a locker or behind a couch - there is no real place where you can feel safe.

If you're a fan of Alien, the atmosphere and lighting in the game give off the same vibes. This game is one you'll want to boot up in your game console of choice.

3. Demonologist

scare ghost girl
No one said ghost hunting was easy

Demonologist is very closely related to Phasmophobia, but Demonologist is Phasmo on steroids. There are a lot of similarities between the two, but Demonologist gets it right. While you'll still have much of the same mechanics like the spirit box and EMF reader, but Demonologist kicks it up a notch.

One major difference is the environmental jump scares. Each map has different jump scares that trigger when you go near something. They absolutely terrifying! These jump scares are independent of the regular ghost scares as well. Much like Phasmophobia, you have a sanity meter which will drain the longer you spend in the haunted area. As that drains, loud noises or singing could begin and it ramps up quickly to things like the walls changing to upside down crosses or hanging bodies.

So there you have it. Three bite size looks at my top three scariest games that you need to play this October!


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