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New Patch for NHL 24

NHL 24

Well we have another patch coming to NHL 24 but it's not to fix the trade deadline event. We did a video on that so check it out.

I do have to hand it to the development team this year for NHL 24 as the have conitnued to lsiten to the community with regards to gameplay and improving it as the year has gone on.

This update isn't the biggest one but my guess is they also using it to add new assests to upcoing events. Check out the patch notes below for NHL 24.

NHL 24 1.5.0 Patch Notes

Here are the notes for Patch 1.5.0 which releases at 12 PM ET on March 5th. Please complete all online games before this time as server instability is expected up to an hour after the patch deployment.



Fixed a rare issue which would cause a skater to get stuck laying on the ice after colliding with the goalie and falling down.

Fixed an issue which resulted in the Goalie triggering an exhausted Five Hole Save Animation when the goalie wasn't exhausted.

Game Modes


Fix for the Single Season Franchise Goalie Wins record not updating when a goalie breaks the record

Be a Pro


Fixed an issue where the trade request conversation remained inactive

World of Chel


Fixed the spelling of "Pharaohs" in the Play by Play selection of Creation Zone

Fixed an issue in Creation Zone where the FT6 Pro stick is using the FT4 Pro Stick art

Fixed a crash where when selecting 'view in creation zone' option after purchasing a special character bundle from the WoC store.

Hockey Ultimate Team


Various UI Fixes




Carolina Hurricanes Fourth

New Jersey Devils Stadium Series

New York Islanders Stadium Series

New York Rangers Stadium Series

Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series

San Jose Sharks Third


Henderson Silver Knights Third


Indy Fuel Third

Canadian Hockey League

Owen Sound Attack Third

Peterborough Petes Third

Swift Current Broncos Third

Victoria Royals Third


China Home and Away

Gameplay Tuner Updates - Patch 1.5.0

Developer Feedback: We are improving the utility on specific X-Factors to give players more opportunities to counter different strategies in gameplay. We are also modifying the Sustained Pressure system to help teams create more chances to gain Full Pressure through successive counter attacks.

X-Factor Updates:



Increased the bonus “Shrug It Off” X-Factor applies to reduce stamina drain from hits.

Increased the bonus “Ice Pack” and “Shutdown” X-Factor applies to reduce stamina drain on blocked shots.

Increased the bonus “Back At Ya” X-Factor applies to Reverse Hits to create larger knockdowns.

Increased “Bouncer” X-Factor ability to win loose puck battles in front of the net.

Increased “Quick Pick” X-Factor ability to disrupt passes.

Gameplay Updates:

Reduced the drain rate of the Sustained Pressure meter when the puck is out of zone.

Reduced friction on Reverse Hit to allow the puck carrier to maintain momentum and recover loose pucks easier.


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