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New Trailer for Last Time I Saw You

Updated: Jan 15


When I saw the new trailer for this game, I immediately knew it was one that 1) I want to play and 2) will likely make me feel feels. Last Time I Saw You is a hand-drawn narrative adventure about first loves, family issues and ancient curses set in late '80s Japan, which merge maturation and magic. There are elements of platforming, puzzle solving, and what looks to be a highly narrative and compelling story, which looks to be the exact type of game I like to get into.

The story is about 12-year-old Ayumi bearing the weight of his dreams in a magical coming-of-age tale exploring emotions. Meet the mysterious girl who appears to him while sleeping and navigates the waters of adolescent self-discovery to protect his hometown from a terrible curse. 

Explore mystical and emotional relationships and investigate the threads that tie together this mysterious girl and the approaching typhoon.

Featured in Day of the Devs: The Game Awards, Nintendo Indie World and named as a finalist for "Best Narrative" at the Taipei Game Show 2024 Indie Game Awards, Last Time I Saw You captures an evocative portrayal of growing up. 

Befriend helpful characters like samurai crows and kleptomaniac kappas intent on shielding Ayumi from insidious forces. Dive into a cozy, relaxing narrative with light action and environmental challenges to unveil the heartwarming truth underneath a coming-of-age tale that tugs on heartstrings.

Last Time I Saw You launches Q3 2024 on all platforms, or you can play the demo on Steam now. I can't wait to explore this world and learn more about these characters!


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