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New Update to NHL 24

NHL 24

Yesterday, the team over NHL 24 updated the game again. The NHL 24 development team has done an excellent job updating the game and listening to the community this year. As an avid game player, I genuinely feel like they're doing their best to put the best product forward on the ice.

In the latest update, they addressed some things that need to be fixed since launch, like CPU own team penalties taken, charging penalties for using shoulder checks, having defenders defend the cross-crease pass, and much more. I will drop the full patch notes, but I wanted to touch on some of the changes as I have played the game to test them out.

The CPU taking own team penalties was becoming a giant hot button in the community and for myself when playing Hockey Ultimate Team. I couldn't get through a game without the CPU taking at least two penalties. I can report that after playing five games, I didn't get hit with one CPU penalty, but I'm hoping in the future that they might have it so I can go on the power play because I feel that never happens. The CPU could take penalties to put me on the PK but never to put me on the powerplay.

In the patch notes, EA says they turned the penalty slider from 15 to 5, and it seems to be working, but only time will tell.

Charging penalties have also been reduced from shoulder checks, and I noticed that right away. I would say, on average, I was getting at least two per game and didn't get any in the five games I played since the patch.

EA said they increased the number of frames a player has to travel for the penalty to be called.

Below are the full patch notes; and you let us know what you think they need to change in NHL 24.

December Gameplay Tuner Updates:

Community Feedback: CPU Teammates are taking too many penalties, which can be frustrating as it feels out of the user’s control.

Reduced the chance of CPU Teammate Penalties by adjusting the default setting of the CPU Teammate Penalty slider setting from 15 to 5.

Community Feedback: Charging penalties are being called too often, especially on Shoulder Checks where the hitter is veering into the check.

Increased the amount of frames a Skater must be travelling in a straight line for a Shoulder Check to be considered for a Charging Penalty.

Community Feedback: Defenders who are facing the puck are not attempting to intercept a hard pass, especially when the pass is made tight to their body. This is allowing offensive players to force charge passes through well-positioned defenders for close cross-crease goals.

Greatly increased the base pass intercept reaction time for skaters, increasing their ability to attempt pass intercepts quicker, especially when facing the puck.

Community Feedback: Holding RB/R1 and RS to Flip Dump takes too long to charge and makes using this action too ineffective, especially when under pressure or when trying to use this on the forecheck to get a puck deep.

Increased the speed to fully charge up a Flip Dump by 20%.

Community Feedback: While carrying the puck, Skaters with a higher speed attribute can be caught by a skater with a lower speed attribute. The Puck-Carrier speed penalty reduces the differentiation between skaters and can lead to small confusion with new players who aren’t familiar with this system.

Increased Puck-Carrier skating speed by 2%.

Increased Back Skating speed by 2% to keep speed balanced with Puck Carrier speed.

Increased the Wheels X-Factor Zone Ability bonus by 30% to allow Skaters with this Zone Ability to skate at maximum speed.

Increased the In Reverse X-Factor Zone Ability bonus to allow Skaters with this X-Factor to pivot faster.

Additional Fixes:

Fixed an issue which caused a Pass while your team is offside to have a high chance of being bobbled


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