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Pete Hines Announces his Retirement

Pete Hines
Pete Hines

Pete Hines announced on X today that he is retiring to explore his passions and enjoy life. Pete Hines has been with Bethesda Softworks since 1999, where he got his start in the marketing department, making press releases, game manuals and giving game demos at events such as PAX.

His position before retiring was vice president of Bethesda Softworks' public relations and Head of Publishing.

Pete Hines
Pete Hines

Pete Hines was integral to Bethesda's success and was the marketing mind behind hits such as Fallout 76, Rage 2, Dishonored, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein II, and Starfield.

Pete will be missed in the gaming world. Below is his statement from X.

Let us know in the comments your favourite Bethesda Softworks game.


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