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Pokemon Legends Z-A Officially Announced

pokemon z-a

The Pokemon Company held a Pokemon Presents today and one of the major announcements is that the "Pokemon Legends" series is getting a new entry. Pokemon Legends Z-A is officially launching in 2025 to the "Nintendo Switch systems".

The Pokemon Legends games started in 2022 with Pokemon Legends: Arceus which was a more open world style game. The game was well received throughout the gaming community with many praising the open world and mechanic changes present in this new style.

Pokemon Legends Z-A takes place in Lumiose City, a city that is being developed for both citizen and pokemon alike. The trailer shows Pikachu running through the city, dashing around people and between a group of pokemon hanging out on a street corner. Based on the trailer, both pokemon and human will live in this city in harmony.

Nintendo of America has already tweeted out that this game will take place entirely in Lumiose City, so players won't be able to explore the Kalos region, where Lumiose City resides at launch. It is unknown if DLC will allow us to venture outside of the city.

Teased at the end of the trailer were mega evolutions which hasn't been part of the series for about 12 years.


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