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PS5 Access Controller: Everything You Need to Know about Today's Release


PS5 Access Controller launches today, and it has been five years in the making for PlayStation to bring it to market. PlayStation worked with AbleGamers, Stack-Up and SpecialEffect to make sure they brought a controller that the accessibility community could truly use.

PlayStation invited some members of the accessibility community to speak about the controller to celebrate the launch.

The PS5 Access Controller was made for accessibility in partnership with the accessibility community.

"Every facet of the Access controller was crafted in close consultation with accessibility experts, focusing on three common challenges players with disabilities face: difficulty holding a standard controller for long periods, accurately pressing small clusters of buttons or triggers, or positioning thumbs and fingers optimally." via the PlayStation.Blog

PS5 Access

The features are:

Swappable button and stick caps

Adjustable stick length

360° orientation

Join forces with other controllers )link with the Dual Sense)

Add extra control devices

Custom profiles

Configurable buttons

Adjustable stick settings

The PS5 Access Controller is available now at $119.99 CAD


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