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Slay The Princess - or should you?

slay the princess

A game named after the very opposite of our natural inclination as games, Slay the Princess puts you in a world where you are asked to do just this. You have a narrator telling you to complete this task with minimal context or motive, just your own decision making based on conversations you can have with this voice and ultimately, the princess. But will you end this princess as requested, or will you do what you normally believe is right and let her free?

“The more I tell you about her, the more difficult your task is going to be. The Princess poses an existential threat to the entire world, and she will do and say whatever it takes to get out of that cabin. So focus up, stop asking so many questions, and slay her before it’s too late.”

Developed by Black Tabby Games, Slay The Princess is a choice based visual novel that reminds me of a blend of The Stanley Parable and The Nonary Games, two great games in their respective genres. You are given the task to Slay The Princess and as you complete these decisions, the game continues to shift your motivation and goes a lot deeper than the name actually suggests.

Your only companion to start is the Narrator who you can choose to blindly follow or ignore, and other competing voices and perspectives as the game goes along. You will also notice the world change, and perhaps some deja vu of a familiar situation as well.

This is about a 6 hour game to complete, but could be up to 12-14 hours for the

player to make different choices to explore all it has to offer. The artwork is really well done and fits the mood of the scene really well. The voice acting is excellent and welcome, as most visual novel style games opt for characters which are not voiced, and it adds a different dimension to the game and your decision making.

This game is not for your kids, as you may imagine. This is a parent only game and I would recommend this for mature audiences only based on the subject. I would recommend Slay The Princess for people looking for a different experience that they could complete in a weekend. I enjoyed my time with this game, as I had been looking forward to this release, and if you are interested, you can purchase on PC and make the decision to Slay the Princess for yourself.


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