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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Closed Alpha Tech Test Registration Now Open

Suicide Squad

Emails are going out about the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League close Alpha tech test. Rocksteady recently released the first video in a series they will release before launch.

They detailed some changes they made since the announcement of the delay and the poor reception from the first reveal of the game. We detailed all of these changes in a previous article.

The email says, "Sign-up is now open for a chance to participate in the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League confidential Closed Alpha Tech Test. We need your help to test the game’s online infrastructure."

Signing up for the Alpha test doesn't guarantee access, and if you do get chosen, you will be subject to an NDA, so anything you play cannot be shared with anyone.

They mention in the email the game is still in development, and this test will only represent a smaller, specific section of the campaign and will not be representative of the full/final experience.

If you want a chance to access the Alpha, please click the link and good luck.

Let us know in the comments if you're going to try your luck to have access to the Alpha.


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