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Tape To Tape Indie Hockey Speedrun Featured at AGDQ 2024!

One of our favourite indie games is Tape ToTape, a roguelike hockey game that allows players to balance skills, attributes, and challenging bosses mixed with the favourite parts of NHL 94. We had the pleasure of meeting with community manager Hastan on our podcast, and after playing the game, we grew to love the game and the community.

Awesome Games Done Quick is a biannual fundraiser where speedrunners showcase their skills and share the fastest runs of games that they love while raising money for charity. Tape to Tape was featured in Tuesday's retro block!

Speedrunner Cavecavecave, joined by Hastan, shared the game with over 50,000 Twitch viewers and an in-house audience filled with hockey jerseys (no Bruins, but that's okay). McShaggy was joined by the rocket Cam Adler, and with the first goal counting as 2, Cave could complete the game in 19 minutes and 45 seconds! Hassan even shared in closing that he would give copies to people in Twitch chat!

This looks like such a fun game to speedrun and was a joy to watch! The runner, commentary, crowd, and chat were all hype and a great way to showcase a fantastic game while raising money for cancer treatment.

Tape To Tape can be purchased on Steam, and they have an active discord with casual and hardcore players alike!


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