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The Day Before: Reflections on Studio Fntastic's Early Access Launch and Closure

The Day Before

The Day Before started its early access launch last week, and today, it released a statement on X saying it's closing its doors.

In the statement on X, they say...

"Today, we announce the closure of Fntastic Studio. Unfortunately, The Day Before has failed financially, and we lack all the funds to continue. All income received is being used to pay off our debts and partners."

"We invested all our efforts, resources and man-hours into the development of The Day Before, which was our first huge game. We really wanted to release new patches to reveal the full potential of the game, but unfortunately, we don't have the funding to continue the work."

"It's important to note that we didn't take any money from the public during the development of The Day Before; there were no pre-orders or crowdfunding campaigns. We worked tirelessly for five years, pouring our blood, sweat and tears into the game."

"At the moment, the future of The Day Before and Propnight is unknown, but servers will stay operational. We apologize if we didn't meet your expectations. We did everything within our power, but unfortunately, we miscalculated our capabilities. Creating games is an incredibly challenging endeavour."

They mention that they didn't have pre-orders or crowfudning but you still could pay for this game on Steam, but that has since been taken down and now reads "Error

Unable to load information about this item."

day before

Now it is labelled as a scam in the gaming world as the Website for Fntastic has been taken down, their YouTube channel has been scrubbed, their CEO X account has been deactivated, and most of their Discord has been deleted.

I have truly never seen anything like this before, as there was high praise for this game before it's release but over the weekend, word started to spread from players who paid for early access that the game was unplayable.

The video below shows what the trailer and what retail release look like.

When more information is released, we will keep you updated, and hopefully, the players who bought the game will get their refunds. Let us know in the comments if you played The Day Before.


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