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To the Star announced by

to the stars, comprised of former developers of The Witcher, Anomaly, Frostpunk, and Two Worlds, has announced its first game. Their second game will be called To The Star, a survival adventure game inspired by the world of "Alice in Wonderland." Their first release, Gord, is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.

Players explore a surreal fantasy realm inspired by the whimsical 'Alice in Wonderland,' a refreshing departure from typical, realistic survival environments. The game's unique crafting system allows for creating bizarre objects from an extensive array of materials, encouraging great creativity and experimentation. This system fuels both progression and, exploration and combat, with food-based modifiers adding a strategic layer to gameplay. For instance, you could bake a shrinking cupcake and toss it at a giant slug enemy to reduce its size and simplify the battle. Crafting often takes place in a private, Maldives-like archipelago tucked away in a magical briefcase that's always at your side.

to the star

The game has no release date, and they're revealing it so early in development that integrating player feedback and ideas into the project from the get-go is important. The sooner we start this process, the more flexibility we have to implement changes. This proactive approach enables our community to actively participate in shaping the game's journey, making it a truly collaborative adventure right from the outset.

To the Star, it does look like it will have early access, but they haven't finalized all the plans yet.


Construct and personalize your space within the magical Briefbase dimension. This unique feature allows players to build their own sanctuary or functional structures in an ethereal, island-like setting, offering a creative and tranquil retreat from the game's adventures.

Engage in innovative combat where your culinary choices impact your abilities. Consume various dishes to gain buffs or throw food at enemies to alter their attributes. This distinctive mechanic adds a strategic and playful layer to every encounter.

Experience the adventure with friends cooperatively, supporting up to four players. Work together to navigate challenges, craft, build, and battle, making each session a unique collaborative experience.

Embrace the creativity of the community with comprehensive mod support. Players can modify and enhance their gaming experience, modifying items, creatures, environments, and more, ensuring a continually evolving world shaped by its players

This will be a PC release but no release date or window has been mentioned yet.


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