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Unleashing Fun: A Review of Bluey, the Video Game


Bluey is the most watched TV in my house and something the family can always agree to watch together. As a family, we discovered it a couple of years ago when Disney + came to Canada, and we instantly fell in love with the show.

It is about a family of Blue Heelers who live in Australia and enjoy all sorts of fun. Bluey and her sister Bingo, along with the father Bandit and the mother Chili, spend each episode having fun and teaching your kids about emotions, self-expression, and personal boundaries.

The show covers a wide variety of topics but does it in a sensitive way that they are not overstating it and still teaching the kids lessons about life.

When I say it's the best television show right now, I mean it as it's the one I know I can watch my child and never have to worry about the content. The dad Bingo sets the bar high regarding parenting, and I always joke with my wife that I can never live up to Bingo as a dad.

When I discovered Outright Games was making the video game, I told my daughter immediately, and she was excited. We have been rewatching season three in anticipation of the release.

My daughter was up at 5 am today and asked if the Bluey video game was ready. Biscuits, I hadn't downloaded it yet. It felt like a Christmas morning based on her excitement level to play the game this morning. If only Veranda Santa had gotten up early to start the download process.

I started to download it and, in the meantime, had her watch my interview with one of the game developers, Vince Grogan. I know this would only grab her attention briefly, but the good news is the game was downloaded and ready to go. Like, for real life.

As soon as the game turns on, you're hit with composer Joff Bush's Bluey theme song, and my daughter is instantly dancing in her chair and smiling ear to ear.

The game allows up to four players to play at one time, and you can choose from Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chili as playable characters.

I want to let you know I'm not going to Unicorse this review and tell you what happens in each episode or even the story in Bluey the Video Game. I will say that my daughter loved the story and couldn't stop playing until the end. She mainlined it this morning, and it took her under three hours to complete the story. Once the story, which is very rewarding as a Bluey fan, is done, the game opens up to a ton of extra fun and many activities.

As seen in the trailer for the game, you do get to play keepy-uppy, but that isn't the only game you will get to play in the game, and there are up to four different fun games from the show that you will be able to play in the game. My daughter and I had a ton of fun with keepy-uppy this morning and plan on playing some again this afternoon with her mom for a family fun night.

There are five main areas in the game, including the famous Bluey house, and all these areas have many things and characters to interact with from the show, along with some fun easter eggs hidden around them. In each area after finishing that episode, you will be able to reply to that episode or go to that area to find stickers, objects, and anything you have missed to unlock rewards that let you enjoy the world of Bluey even more.

My daughter was obsessed with finding the stickers and the hidden objects to earn stars towards new rewards. Some objects are more complex to reach, so you may need help from Mum or Dad if your thing is a little out of reach for your size. You can easily switch characters in the options menu.

All the voice actors from the show are here, and the game is fully voice-acted, so your little one can fully enjoy their Bluey experience. It was amazing to see my daughter already knew how to get around the house because of the TV show, and she was amazed at how well it stayed true to the TV show.

The graphics on the game look exactly like the TV show, so you and your little one are playing a live episode of Bluey.

My daughter even noticed that Bluey and Bandit can't run downstairs but can run anywhere in the house. She felt that was "for safety reasons," teaching kids to never run up or down the stairs. I will contact the developers on this one, but she is right.

I can't recommend this game enough for anyone who is a show fan or has a little one who hasn't even heard of Bluey because it will make them instant fans. As with any Outright Games made game, the controls are easy to use, and there are many guides to help your little one figure out what to do. Remember you can play too and enjoy the fun with your little one. I can't wait to jump back in and play with my daughter. Something that makes her smile this much is as rewarding to me as it is to her. Bluey the Video Game is the most fun my daughter and I have had playing a game together this year. Don't miss out on this family fun, and enjoy this game with your family.

Bluey the Video Game releases on November 17th, 2023 and is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox series of consoles.


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