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Women, Draft Combine Coming to MLB The Show 24's Road to the Show

a woman playing shortstop in road to the show
A first for MLB The Show: Women will now be playable in Road to the Show

For the first time in MLB The Show history, women ballplayers can be created in MLB The Show 24's Road to the Show. In a short, yet impactful, trailer it showed a woman playing shortstop for the San Francisco Giants. Also included in the trailer was a shot of a woman hitting in with "Draft Combine" plastered on the center field video board.

woman prospect hitting at the draft combine
Draft Combine is new to MLB The Show 24

In previous iterations of Road to the Show, you could take part in a "showcase" but ultimately pick which team you wanted to play for during the draft. Currently, it is unclear how the draft combine will play into your drafting experience in Road to the Show.

For one, I am incredibly excited to see women added to Road to the Show. While I'm sure comment sections all over the board won't be as enthusiastic, women ballplayers deserve to be represented in video games. The irony is not lost on me when people complain about women being in the game due to realism as they have Lefty Grove (who died in 1975) pitching to David Ortiz (who retired in 2017) with Adley Rustchman catching (who is 26 years old). Sony San Diego has a feature presentation on Thursday, March 7th at 1pm EST on their Twitch channel which will hopefully have more information about Road to the Show and Franchise.

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