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All New Storylines in MLB The Show 24


MLB The Show 24 will expand on Storylines this season and with a Derek Jeter Storyline. Last season, we saw MLB The Show bring Derek Jeter to the game for the first time since his retirement, and this season, they're expanding on that.

Derek Jeter

Last season we only got Storylines from the Negro League, and this year they have expanded that to Derek Jeter. The Storylines are the best production value in any sports game you can buy right now. I have been begging EA to do something like this and can't wait to see what San Diego Studios does with Derek Jeter.

Besides the phenomenal production value, they stay true to the game and have you relive moments from the careers of the players they feature to extreme accuracy. They mention in the press release that they will be releasing more Storylines and that they're only beginning with Jeter's career from 1995 – 2000 seasons.

The team at San Diego Studios does a fantastic job of being historically accurate and making you feel like you are reliving the event. I can't wait to see what they have done and what is to come. I hoped they would expand on Storyliens this season, and I'm glad they have.

Pre-Order MLB The Show 24 now and unlock history with "The Captain" in Storylines: Derek Jeter during MLB The Show 24 "Early Access" (available with MVP, Digital Deluxe, and Negro Leagues Editions) starting March 15th, 2024 or on launch day March 19th, 2024.


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