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Breaking Records: Helldivers 2 Sets New Peak for PlayStation Published Games on Steam!

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has now beaten God War and set the record to become the highest concurrent players peak ever for a PlayStation published game on Steam. First reported by Benji-Sales on X.

As you can see, the original all-time was God of War, which had an all-time players peak of 73,529 players. That record is now held by Helldivers 2, which hit 74,144 players at its peak and could still climb. This is excellent news for Arrowhead Game Studio, who released the game on PC and PS5 yesterday. Yesterday, we spoke hoping PlayStation would publish more games on PS5 and PC simultaneously, and the numbers are proving it works.

Thanks to PlayStation Canada, who provided me a code for review, I have been playing Helldivers 2 and having a great time doing so. Having a large player base to play with is helpful, as going solo can be a daunting task. The gameplay loop is fun and feels like I'm playing Starship Troopers the game.

As someone having fun playing the game with friends, I'm hoping for more success so more gets added and I have more friends to play with.

Helldivers 2 is available right now on PS5 and PC.


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