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Community Game Help is coming to PS5

PlayStation 5

PlayStation annouced today that soon Game Help which lanuched with the PS5 will have game footage from the community uploaded. As stated in the PlayStation Blog "Community Game Help will add to the current Game Help experience by expanding the library of helpful game hints, incorporating videos that are automatically generated from gameplay footage of players who have opted in to contribute."


The new Game Help feature will be available to players even if they don't ahve PlayStation Plus. In games that are supported by the feature players will be able to upload videos, hints, and access other players hints and footage. This new feature isn't only for the community as the option to upload is also opne to developers.

With a simple press of the PS button you will see the game cards and notice "hints inside: icon. Once you click this icon you currently will be brought to hints that the developer has created but in the future you will find user generated hints as well.


You can currently access game help on your PS5 or through the mobile app. Any footage you upload will be reviwed before it will be added to Game Help. If you want you content taken down you can opt out at any time.

Community game help will launch in the next couple months and will be available to all PS5 players to use or contribute to.



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