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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Updated

Peter and Miles
Peter and Miles

Insomniac Games today released another patch for the fastest-selling PlayStation first-party games ever. If you read my review, you will know that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is my game of the year, and I doubt any game will take that spot away from it.

The best games are still without needing a couple of things fixed, and that is why Insomniac Games released its third patch for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 today.

Below are the patch notes.

General Fixes & Polish:

  • Addressed an issue where players could become stuck during the finale of Marko's Memories

  • Addressed an issue where a boss could become stuck in geometry

  • Addressed multiple issues where the player could become stuck during the Galvanize tutorial

  • Addressed an issue where players with shortcuts enabled could become stuck in a puzzle during the New Threads mission

  • Addressed an issue where the Charge Jump would break when assigned to a shortcut

  • Addressed an issue where the Upgraded Classic suit had duplicate eye details

  • Further addressed issues where models would not load properly after long play sessions

  • Improved stability

Now, I would say this clears up all the issues some users are reporting, but it does show that Insomniac Games is listening and trying to make the game better.

I ran into little to no issues in my playthrough, just over 28 hours, and I got the platinum.

Let us know in the comments if you run into any issues in your playthrough of Marvel's Spider-Man 2.


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