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Preparing for the Battle - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Launching on December 6th


I've been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer all weekend. If I'm being honest, I've been playing almost every day since launch. I can't remember when I wanted to play this much Call of Duty multiplayer.

We reviewed the campaign here over at Three Dads and a Console but still have yet to check the multiplayer, and that is because Season 1 hasn't come out yet. Well, wait no further because on December 6th, 2023, Season 1 of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer will be here, and there is a tone of details to get through, which excites me.

Modern Warfare III:

Four New Multiplayer maps are coming, which we discussed here, but they're called Meat, Greece, RIO, and Training Facility. Deploy to three brand-new 6v6 maps and one 2v2 map launch, alongside festive reskins of other maps during the season.

They're bringing back Gunfight to Call of Duty. Go small-team tactical, launching with the new Training Facility map, plus four other returning Gunfight arenas.

We will be getting new game modes like All or Nothing, wielding the one-shot Ray Gun against enemies in the limited-time Vortex arriving in-season, and so much more. I have been playing a lot of Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, but I am always willing to try out a new mode.

Get in the festive spirit with Modern Warfare IIII Multiplayer with themed maps and events later this year.

Multiplayer Ranked Play Launches. The feature-packed, stand-alone competitive Multiplayer mode, Ranked Play, returns in-season.

Modern Warfare Zombies:

I genuinely haven't played enough of Zombie, but what time I have, it's been a lot of fun, and they will be adding a new story act. A massive gateway has appeared in the Exclusion Zone. Investigate the area and engage in new end-game content.

A new area to explore is called the Dark Aether Rifts—Auniquew labyrinth-like experience challenging squads to complete a series of objectives in the given time. Find Sigils to unlock the Dark Aether Rifts and earn rewards on completion.

New Wonder Weapon, Warlord, and more. Wield the V-R11 Wonder Weapon, discover new schematics, and prepare to infiltrate the fortress of the Warlord Dokkaebi.


I have never tried Warzone, so when Season 1 launches, it will be the first time I have ever tried, so wish me luck.

Welcome to Urzikstan. The following big map is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone! Receive a topographical overview plus a host of new features and updates as part of the Season 1 update.

Carry Forward Call of Duty: Warzone maps. Players can continue deploying to Ashika Island and Vondel alongside the new Urzikstan map.

Santa's Slayground. Encounter the Zombie Santa, go undead Deer Hunting, and open the presents under the Holiday Trees, all while engaging in new challenges and events with rewards and more.

Gulag. Urzikstan features a new Gulag, the perfect way to redeploy once you've faced an adversary in 1v1 combat. However, besides being a brand-new environment, this Gulag comes with new gameplay updates, too.

road map

Across both titles:

Gear up with new weapons and Aftermarket Parts. Season 1 brings five free new weapons and nine Aftermarket Parts.

New Operators: Deploy as Nolan and Dokkaebi, the new Season 1 Operators.

Get the Premium experience with BlackCell. Purchase the BlackCell offering to unlock the Abolisher Operator, extra Tier Skips, alternate BlackCell-exclusive Skins earned throughout the Battle Pass and more.

The Season 1 Battle Pass. Unlock new Operators and various free and premium content across the Season 1 Battle Pass.

New Store offerings. Deploy as Santa, grab Dune Bundles, and more.

Seasonal progression. Level up past Rank 55 and enter the Prestige Ranks, with new Challenge Rewards for both Multiplayer and Zombies.

CDL Announcement. Rep your love for competition with the Call of Duty League Launch Pack and earn rewards for watching the pros compete starting December 8.

What is coming looks like a lot of fun, and I will keep you updated with everything going on with updates to Call of Duty. Let us know in the comments what you're most excited about in Season 1.


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