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Diamond Dynasty Updates to MLB The Show 24


Today, Sony San Deigo Studio released the update MLB The Show 24 players have been waiting for. Today, the details of the changes are coming to the most popular mode, Diamond Dynasty. I was surprised it was a blog post instead of a Feature Premier.

So, I want to start with the bad news because sets are returning to MLB The Show 24. There is a difference this year as they are tied to Seasons, and we're not getting 99s right at the beginning. There will be more progression this year, so we will ramp up to the high cards, but we will see some 91 rated cards reasonably early on and most likely start with some.

Each Season will last 12 weeks, but you can still use silver and bronze players because we won't get a bunch of 99s immediately. The blog post details that season cards will have an S1 in the top corner, similar to what sets of cards looked like last year in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 24

As you can see from above, the card may look slightly different, but they're using some of the same photos as last year.

core cards

Core Cards return in MLB The Show 24, which can be used in any season, like last year, and in any setting. Core Card values can change depending on how a player plays throughout the MLB season.

special core card

At launch, we will earn an exceptional Core card for cover athlete Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Wild Card Slots will return, but you will earn an extra slot after each Season. In the end, you will have four Wild Card Slots. You can choose players from any Season to fill out those Wild Card Slots.

wild card

Sony San Diego Studio is rewarding Diamond Dynasty players at launch with free rewards. They will give every player a free Corner Stone Choice pack at the beginning of each season. Cornerstone Cards are new to MLB The Show 24, but I guess they will act more like Captain Cards from MLB The Show 23. They explain them as such in the blog post that their Captain cards have special abilities and bonuses for your team.


Another reward for all players will be a seasonal starter pack, which will be in your inventory at launch. The Starter Pack will have five show packs for you to open, so good luck, and I hope you pull some diamonds.

Seasons will typically run for about 12 weeks, but as always, with MLB The Show, we will get a lot of content. Your highest-rated cards to start each season will be 91s, and as the season progresses, we will get higher-rated cards to use. The post mentioned that they will get much fewer diamonds on Live Series Cards at launch. You can still earn Core Rewards by collecting Live Series Cards to make those early 99s.

xp path

In MLB The Show 24, there will be more ways to attain high-tier reward cards from multiplayer modes like Ranked, Battle Royale, and Events. 

  • Ranked programs will feature sellable rewards, including a new exclusive program player reward for you to earn in Ranked solo or co-op gameplay. 

  • Battle Royale Flawless will start at 10-0 for the best reward pack, down from 12-0 requirements in past years. 

  • Events now last two weeks, giving you more time to earn those rewards. 

They have told us to watch the Show Shop weekly for a FREE pack.

The good news is that the reward structure is set so that you will earn rewards and enjoy the game regardless of the mode you like to play. Ranked, Battle Royale, and Events, you'll have the opportunity to earn higher-rated rewards initially. On the other hand, if you prefer single-player modes like Mini Seasons, Conquest and Showdown, you will have the chance to earn better rewards over time as OVR progression escalates.


Team Affinity has been a fan-favourite content release for years and a pinnacle place to find and earn cards from our favourite teams, and this year, Team Affinity will no longer be a once-per-season content drop. In the new Seasonal Diamond Dynasty, Team Affinity will be released three times per season.

For example, in Season 1,

Team Affinity will have three major updates: 

  • Season 1: Chapter 1 at launch 

  • Season 1: Chapter 2 in mid-April 

  • Season 1: Chapter 3 in May 

You can expect 30 new player cards, one from each MLB team, with each new Team Affinity Chapter. In addition, new unlocks and packs will be aplenty in reward paths to customize your profile and rep your favourite team.


All this news excites me for MLB The Show 24, which releases on March 19th, 2024, for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles.


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