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Breaking Down MLB The Show 24's Derek Jeter Storylines

Last year, San Diego Studios released the Negro League storylines in MLB The Show 23. It was an incredibly rich mode that displayed the iconic ball players from the Negro League era and this year, they're continuing to add to that. We've already talked about Negro League Season 2 additions and briefly detailed some of the information on the new storylines, but San Diego Studios held an MLB The Show 24's Derek Jeter Featured Presentation yesterday with some new information!

Jeter storylines pic
Derek Jeter Storylines promises to bring more content to MLB The Show 24

Derek Jeter's Storylines

When San Diego Studios announced the Jeter storylines, the first block of content is centered around the first years of his career from 1995-2000. SDS confirmed in their feature presentation that 2001-2014 would release as post launch content.

One can be led to believe that if San Diego Studios continues their content drop patterns from MLB The Show 23, we should see Diamond Dynasty cards after completing this mode. It is possible there will be other items that can be used in Diamond Dynasty and/or Road to the Show such as bats, uniforms, gloves, etc. LEGENDary Core

With this storyline comes the confirmation of some new legends. San Diego Studios dubbed them "The Core Four" with Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte as confirmed legends coming to MLB The Show 24. These Yankees will join Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mario Rivera who are existing Yankees legends.

Jeter at bat

The King(dome) Has Returned

New to MLB The Show 24 is Seattle Mariner's Kingdome is back in play. This feels like the first time in a long time that San Diego Studios has added in a prolific ballpark and the feature made it seem like it is playable in all modes. It was great seeing Seattle's old stadium as Jeter hit a seeing eye single into left field!

UI Changes

The team also displayed brand new UI changes akin to a New York subway line. This is the freshest UI design that SDS has done and is so completely different from the usual MLB The Show design. It truly encapsulated a New York feel to it.

To watch the complete Feature Presentation, hit up San Diego Studios' VOD on Twitch.


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