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Everything Shown at Today's Nintendo Direct

nintendo direct

Nintendo had a brand spanking new partner Direct today and they showed off a ton of stuff! Let's briefly talk about everything they mentioned! There will be some games coming to Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, including one of my favorite R.C. Pro Am for the NES. From Nintendo:

  • Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed: Join Mickey Mouse on a colourful adventure as he traverses Wasteland, a world inspired by Disney classic stories. Play the 2010 classic along with a variety of upgrades in this enhanced remake of the action-adventure 3D platformer originally released on the Wii console. Along with updated graphics and other improvements, Mickey Mouse’s abilities have been improved with a whole new set of skills and more. For fans of the original and new fans alike get ready for an adventure of truly “epic” proportions when Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed launches on Nintendo Switch this year.

  • World of Goo 2: This sequel to World of Goo includes even more goo! Put your imagination to the test and use living liquid creatures to build bridges, grow towers, terraform terrain and fuel flying machines. Discover new types of Goo Balls with distinct abilities – including Explosive, Growing and Shrinking Goo – across more than 64 levels set in a dangerous, physics-based world. Go for the goo when World of Goo 2 launches on Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive on May 23.

  • Grounded: Survive, build and explore in this immersive co-op survival-adventure game where you’re the size of an ant and where the insect life reacts to your actions. Play solo or with up to three friends online* and discover the treacherous wonders of your own backyard. Build bases to protect your stuff and craft new tools, weapons and armour to improve your chances against hazards of all shapes and (very large) sizes. Plus, create and share fresh adventures in Playgrounds Mode. Grounded launches on Nintendo Switch April 16.

  • Penny’s Big Breakaway: Join Penny and Yo-Yo in a 3D platforming adventure from the team that brought you Sonic Mania. Swing, dash, flip and trick your way over 11 colourful worlds and 40 levels. Use tasty treats to temporarily transform Yo-Yo, granting it abilities to improve movement speed, protect Penny from harm and much more! Evade capture and the Emperor’s endless penguin army by employing a variety of yo-yo acrobatics and transformations. Plus, show off your speedrunning skills in Time Attack Mode, and redeem coins you’ve collected for bonus items, stages and unlockable extras. Discover your true star power in Penny’s Big Breakaway, now available on Nintendo Switch!

  • Endless Ocean Luminous: Plunge into a vast, underwater world that changes with each expedition in this new Endless Ocean game from Nintendo. Explore the depths of the mysterious Veiled Sea on your own, or dive in with up to 30 players online.* There are over 500 different species of marine life to encounter here – you may even find creatures thought to be extinct or even mythical. Where will your undersea journey take you? Endless Ocean Luminous surfaces on Nintendo Switch May 2.

  • A “Rare” Quintet Debuts on Nintendo Switch: Five games, all developed by Rare, are being added to the Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack* collections … today! Nintendo Switch Online members can enjoy KILLER INSTINCT and BATTLETOADS IN BATTLEMANIACS as part of the Super NES – Nintendo Switch Online library, and SNAKE RATTLE N ROLL and R.C. PRO-AM as part of the NES – Nintendo Switch Online library. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members can play those titles and Blast Corps, which brings destructive vehicular action to the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library.

  • STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection: Fight across the STAR WARS galaxy in this collection of large-scale combat classics! Featuring the 2004 STAR WARS Battlefront and its 2005 sequel STAR WARS Battlefront II, each game features solo campaigns, local multiplayer matches** and massive online* battles of up to 64 players. Pilot legendary starships and defy the odds as familiar characters like Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader. This collection also includes additional playable characters such as Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress and bonus maps like Jabba’s Palace, Bespin: Cloud City and Yavin 4: Arena. STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection lands on Nintendo Switch March 14. Pre-orders are available now in Nintendo eShop.

  • SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY!: Team up with Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny to save the town in this co-op action game. Customize your own New Kid and battle your way through the snow-piled streets of South Park solo or with up to three friends in an all-new story. Equip a variety of weapons and deploy devastating special abilities on an adventure to save the world and enjoy a day without school. SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! will launch on Nintendo Switch March 26. Pre-orders are available now in Nintendo eShop.

  • Another Crab’s Treasure: Become a hermit crab and reclaim your prized shell in an epic treasure hunt across a polluted ocean! Wear the trash around you – cans, cardboard and whatever else you find – as shell-like armour to protect yourself against crabby foes and other threats lurking in the deep. Collect over 60 shells with distinct special abilities to defend yourself, and improve your combat prowess with Adaptations learned from a variety of ocean creatures. Have a shell of a time when Another Crab’s Treasure washes ashore on Nintendo Switch April 25.

  • Contra: Operation Galuga: Blast through a reimagining of the classic action game from the ’80s with modern graphics, new features and explosive co-op combat! Contra: Operation Galuga launches on Nintendo Switch March 12, and you can experience the intense action yourself with the free demo, available now in Nintendo eShop. Pre-orders also begin today in Nintendo eShop.

  • Pepper Grinder: This action-packed, dig-venture platformer stars Pepper – a seafaring soul with a passion for prospecting. Armed with her trusty sidearm Grinder, Pepper burrows through terrain and water, controls machines and pulverizes enemies as she attempts to recover her missing fortune! Engage in puzzle platforming, battle bosses, power up with treasure and discover hidden levels. Pepper Grinder spins up on Nintendo Switch March 28. Dig into this colourfully animated world with the free demo now available in Nintendo eShop!

  • Suika Game Multi-Player Mode Expansion DLC: Make big fruit … with friends! Suika Game – the fruit-matching casual puzzle game phenomenon – is receiving a paid DLC season pass that adds local two-player battles to the mix, with online* multiplayer arriving in the future. Enjoy the fruits of your labour in the Original mode along with the new Time Limit and Attack modes. Enjoy this sweet DLC for Suika Game, now available on Nintendo Switch! New players looking to make their own big fruit can also purchase a bundle that includes the game and its Multi-Player Mode Expansion DLC, available now in Nintendo eShop.

  • Pentiment: Journey to 16th Century Bavaria and face choices and consequences that will ripple throughout a small community for years to come. Step into a living illustrated world inspired by the earliest printed books and meet a colourful cast of characters in the small town of Tassing and nearby Keirsau Abbey. Each decision you make along the way can impact the community’s future for generations. Find your own way through this turbulent time when Pentiment launches on Nintendo tomorrow.

  • Tales of Kenzera: ZAU: Embark on a poignant action-adventure game inspired by the rich myths of Bantu cultures. As Zau, you must face your own emotions to become a worthy Nganga, or spiritual healer, and reclaim your father’s spirit. Wield cosmic powers from the sun and moon and brave the beautiful and treacherous lands of Kenzera alongside the God of Death. Tales of Kenzera: ZAU launches on Nintendo Switch April 23. Pre-order today for a 10% discount and special perks.

  • ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist: Explore an interconnected map full of secrets and intrigue in this sequel to ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights. Action, adventure and a tale of destruction and renewal unfurl before Lilac and their companions. Defeat bosses, acquire new skills, turn enemies into helpful familiars and deepen bonds with your companions along the way. What mysteries await in this mystical land, regarded as the source of all magic? ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist blossoms on Nintendo Switch this year.

  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: AiAi and friends are back in the newest adventure in the Super Monkey Ball series! Customize your character from over 300 options, roll out across more than 200 stages, launch past rivals with the new Spin Dash move, play with friends in an all-new co-op Adventure Mode, and for the first time in series history 16 players can tilt their way to victory online.* Let the Rumble Begin! Aim to be Top Banana when Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch June 25. Pre-orders are available now in Nintendo eShop.

  • Monster Hunter Stories: Become a Monster Rider and befriend countless monsters from the Monster Hunter series in this enhanced version of the original RPG epic! Originally released in 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS system, Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo Switch features HD visuals, new voice overs, a museum mode filled with art and music from the game and additional content that was previously only available in Japan. Monster Hunter Stories rides onto Nintendo Switch this summer.

  • Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!: The hit solitaire horse racing game is galloping its way onto Nintendo Switch! Reach the finish line by playing solitaire and put together the best cards you can to help your horses take home the gold. Win big, and you’ll have new horses to add to your stable. Featuring new rules that allow for more strategic play, comfortable Joy-Con controls and racing segments reborn in 3D. Compete online*, play at your own pace or just breed and collect cute horses. No matter how you play, a good time is in the cards. The full Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! game and a playable demo is now available on Nintendo Switch!

  • Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance: Forge your path through a post-apocalyptic world in this definitive version of Shin Megami Tensei V. Two complete story paths await, including a brand-new storyline with new locations and demons, and where your choices will determine the fate of all existence. Navigate conflicting and tragic moral decisions and confront a dramatic tale of revenge or explore the original Shin Megami Tensei V saga. Which path will you choose? Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance launches on Nintendo Switch June 21.

  • Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure: Follow Jemma, a small-town misfit on a journey of self-discovery, in this puzzle-packed adventure game. When Jemma moves, the world around her moves too – creating both a playful sense of chaos and a regular stream of small, thoughtful puzzles for you to solve. Customize your experience with various assist options and get absorbed in the story through an expressive art style with comic-panel story scenes. Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure launches on Nintendo Switch this summer.

  • Unicorn Overlord: Regain your throne alongside trustworthy allies in this tactical fantasy RPG from Vanillaware. Cultivate an army of over 60 characters – including humans, elves, massive beasts and heavenly angels – and traverse a vibrant world in the iconic Vanillaware style as you perform heroic deeds throughout the five nations. Unicorn Overlord launches on Nintendo Switch March 8. Try the free demo available now, and carry over your progress to the full game if you purchase it.

  • GUNDAM BREAKER 4: Create your ultimate Gundam and deploy it across a variety of combat missions. Defeat your enemies, acquire their parts and equip new abilities. Then mix and match parts from over 250 base kits to personalize your own Gunpla with the biggest variety of mobile suits and parts of any Gundam Breaker game to date. Plus, you can collect, pose and display your creations in Diorama Mode. Express your style and get ready to sortie! Break, build and battle when GUNDAM BREAKER 4 launches on Nintendo Switch this year.

  • FANTASY LIFE i: The Girl Who Steals Time: A new chapter of the FANTASY LIFE series is about to unfold! Change between 14 different roles called Lives whenever you like, and explore a new island packed with mysteries. Build your own town in the present and adventure into the past. Meet returning characters and uncover the ruined island’s secrets. Plus, up to four players can play together online.* FANTASY LIFE i: The Girl Who Steals Time launches on Nintendo Switch Oct. 10.

  • SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream: Enter a distorted version of the SWORD ART ONLINE world that exists beyond memories, time and space in this action game that features solo play and online* co-op. Pick your role in the form of your favourite SWORD ART ONLINE characters and team up in 20-player raids to defeat powerful enemies. Customize your favourite character, quest with friends and challenge high-level raids! SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream launches on Nintendo Switch this year.

  • Kingdom Come Deliverance - Royal Edition: The acclaimed historical action RPG comes to the Nintendo Switch system. Play as Henry and experience an open world filled with challenging combat, majestic castles and lush forests. Improve your skills, earn perks, forge your equipment and solve challenges in a variety of ways – with stealth, melee combat, persuasion, coercion and more. Face the consequences of your choices as your decisions shape the world around you. Featuring the full Kingdom Come Deliverance game and all its DLC, Kingdom Come Deliverance – Royal Edition charges onto Nintendo Switch March 15. Pre-orders are available now in Nintendo eShop.

  • Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley: Restore harmony to Moominvalley in this story-rich musical adventure that captures the essence of the Moomin stories. A series of hideous parks have cropped up, disrupting the landscape and its harmonious nature. As Snufkin you will pull out signs and knock over misplaced statues as you vigorously try to restore nature and the inhabitants’ home while putting an end to the industrious Park Keeper’s plans. Experience a symphony with every footfall, elevated by music and melodies from the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós, and wander Moominvalley with your heart open when Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley launches on Nintendo Switch March 7. Pre-order today to receive the cosmetic Cherished Keepsakes DLC.

  • Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Sweep the Board!: Experience the world of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba through a board game! Select a familiar character and roll the dice to advance your journey around boards that feature iconic landmarks from the anime. Each board has a daytime and nighttime period. Play a variety of events and minigames during the day to prepare for the night. Then, once the sun sets, the hunt for demons begins! Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Sweep the Board! slices its way to Nintendo Switch April 26.

What are you excited for that was announced in today's partner direct? I'm excited for Grounded, to return to Monster Hunter Stories and will definitely be checking out Unicorn Overlord.


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